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Sir Galavant (@simmillkj)

I wrote this small poem a long time ago for my son, who is never without his best friend, Bear. Recently someone who read it reminded me about it by creating these amazing pictures.

Sir Galavant second version2

Sir Galavant

Darkness fills the peaceful slumber, nightmares claim their latest souls.

They jade the youth and taint the old that’s how the story’s told.

Battle waged in realms of sleep predict the path they’ll walk.

And when they wake in morning’s light they start down that new fork.

There’s but one who guards our child, and he is always there.

‘Tis the brave sir Galavant, the soul defending bear.


He’s his favourite, best of friends, and such love filters through.

The magic forged by children’s heart see he’ll fight for you.

When he feels the evil’s wake from your bed he springs.

He waves a sword, and charges forth, your angel without wings.


When morning comes the sun does rise and evil fades away.

Weary from his night of battle, he’s too tired to play.

But still he watches over you as you laugh and scream.

It brings him endless fun and joy as you both share ice-cream.


There is a moral here my son, and understand you must,

It’s only your love for him that sees his sword won’t rust.

As long as you believe, and to your heart be true,

the magic of your love, will keep him there for you.

~K.J. Simmill~

Sir Galavant 1


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