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Book review: C.S. Kendall – Jessie’s Awakening

In C.S. Kendall’s Descendants of the curse: Jessie’s awakening, as far as Jessie was reviewconcerned the sins of the parent should remain with them,  it shouldn’t be passed to the child. But that wasn’t how things worked with the water. Turning seventeen had enough pressure, maintaining her straight As, a lead part in the musical, not to mention her relationship with Jake, and her best friend Addy. Jessie had plans, she had her life set out before her, until her parents dropped the bombshell on her. Not only has she been betrothed to someone, but her family harboured a secret, and now she was of age it would come calling to her. Life as she knew it was over, and the thought of what she must do, who she must become, haunts her every waking second.
C.S. Kendall’s Descendents of the Curse: Jessie’s awakening is a riveting young adult, a paranormal tale with a heap of trouble and a sprinkle of romance. The first-person narrative from both Jessie and Tyler’s perspective allows you to get into the minds of the characters, Jessie, as she suffers and struggles to accept everything she has learned, and Tyler, as he becomes part of her life, healing his own wounds while supporting her through a painfully familiar transition. I enjoyed the originality in regards to this particular supernatural style origin story, and how it touches on aspects of training body and mind and working with what you have rather than against it. Drama, threat, a loss of self, and a hope to hold on to the past drives this story of new awakenings and discovery.


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