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Book review: L.B. Gilbert – Earth (@elementalauthor)

In L.B. Gilbert’s Earth, Gia, the Earth Elemental, has been poisoned but after being reviewinfiltrated by the alchemist, John, and betrayed, the Elementals found it very hard to trust anyone, but they needed help. The only person who can possibly be of aid is Salvador, a witch with a family history of darkness and evil. Sure he broke away, healed instead of harmed, but John had seemed to be trustworthy too and he betrayed them. But this poison is not the only thing to fear. John is intent of wiping supernaturals from the world and leaving its care to humanity, and now he has just the weapon to do it, something that not only poisons the body but works on a deeper level, and supes arent his only target, he intends to take down the Mother, liberating the land of all her children. Can the Elementals do what must be done to stop him, or will they fall to his plan?


Earth is the fourth book in L.B. Gilbert’s, The Elementals Series. Strong world and character building are key to this journey as the reader is whisked away on a race-against-time adventure where the path of the future is uncertain. While it is the final Book in the series, the manner in which it has been penned means it is its own self-contained plot. There are parts that no doubt reward someone who has read the other books, but there is no necessity to have this knowledge to enjoy the tale. Danger, disaster, plans, wars, and betrayal propel the reader through a plot filled with magical creatures from dragons to witches. I enjoyed watching the reluctant comradery and contradictory feelings that stat the foundation of a relationship between characters. The smooth flowing style of L.B Gilbert is sure to hook a reader and take them along on an epic journey to save the world where there is more than one surprise in store. Engaging, riveting, and compelling. The rules are changing, the stakes are unprecedented, and you’ll just have to know how it all ends.


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