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Book review: Pete Adams – Cause And Effect (@Peteadams8)

Detective Jack Austin, aka Jane, had not been the same since his wife had died, but that reviewwasn’t going to stop him. With a great team and close friends he finds himself at the brunt of light-hearted jokes, and amidst an extensive support network. But when a fellow officer is murdered he is set on a path of investigation that will shake him to his core and beyond as he uncovers a scheme of the likes he had never imagined.


Pete Adams’ Cause and Effect: Vice Plagues The City is a crime drama with a healthy dose of British humour, violence, and threat. Romance, explosions, twists, turns, and humour combined with a strong cast of characters make this an engrossing read with a very real feel to the emotions and coping mechanisms in place. I found the humour a great release to the tense and sometimes dark plot and I loved watching how seemingly unconnected separate events came together in an interesting way. Clear attention has been paid to the complex plot to ensure it works. The characters are well developed and possess a very real to life feel, just like the atmosphere created in the book. This is a must for people who enjoy a combination of British humour and drama in a police setting.

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