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Book review: Mary Deal – Sea Cliff (@Mary_Deal)

Racheal was fine by herself, working, renovating, and writing. Last year, when a reviewparticularly scrumptious man caught her eye she even began to weave him into the book she was writing. Never did she imagine they would talk, that he would see something in her even she herself could not. Years of abuse from her father had taken their toll, leaving her unable to trust, unwilling to risk herself on a relationship. But Matthew wanted to change that, to open himself up to her, be vulnerable in the hope that she would take a chance in him. But trust is never easy, nor is breaking down years of conditioning, but he can see the person she is and seeks to free her from the prison forged by her past.


Mary Deal’s Sea Cliff is an insightful addition to the romance genre which deals with not only loving another but loving oneself as well. I enjoyed how part of this journey was into the characters knowing and loving themselves before being ready to fully embrace a relationship. Having been abused by her father the reader witnesses the ramifications on Racheal, not only to herself and her trust issues but also the strain it put on the relationship between herself and her brother, who had also suffered the effects of their father’s temper. I enjoyed watching the relationship unfold between Racheal and Matthew and how each step she took closer also brought with it baggage from her past, and each advance made was reflected not only in that relationship but in her life and other interactions as well.

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