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Book review: Kathrine Leannan – Redemption (@KathrineLeannan)

In Kathrine Leannan’s Redemption, after losing her husband and unborn child Conner reviewneeded time away. Away from home, away from destiny, prophesies, and gods. Luckily she had a contract for a dressage school. Little does she know she is once again about to be centre in a struggle for power. Her swords scream warnings of danger and the ghost of her husband haunts her from beyond as she finds herself involved with the life of a family who, like her, are burdened with the loss and have their own destiny to contend with. Someone wants to ensure the future awaiting this family never comes to pass, darkness haunts them, biding its time, and Conner once again finds herself in the middle of the problems of another realm.
Redemption is book two in Kathrine Leannan’s, Katana series, although having not read the first book I can confidently state it works as a stand-alone read, with any important details being seamlessly provided as part of this well-paced story. I thought Conner’s character was beautifully portrayed, and the different expressions of grief both through herself and those whose lives she becomes involved with are expertly penned in a way that ensures the reader can’t help but become involved in the struggles. Grief is not pretty, and its essence and many facets are captured with ease. I enjoyed watching the growth of the characters, both in positive ways and negative, making them real, human, and of course, flawed. Dark schemes, meddling gods, and a love that transcends even death combine with strong characters, a gripping plot, and ancient grudges to present an unputdownable read that will tug at the heart, while sending it racing.

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