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Book review: Kenna McKinnon – Ascending (@KennaMcKinnon)

After suffering his abuse for years, never knowing which side of him she would face, reviewScarlett Kane receives the news that her husband, father of her child, was killed in a biking accident. After almost losing herself to the bottle she finds a way through, a reason to keep going and gets herself and her young son away. She hoped the phone calls would stop, and her son would stop seeing a light shining in his room at night, but even a new house didn’t stop those strange happenings, and each night she breaks a little more. Something has to give,but what?


Kenna McKinnon’s Ascending is a supernatural tale dealing with dark issues, written in a clear and concise manner. I enjoyed the incorporation of the viewpoints of a different time, from a psychiatrist informing her the abuse was her fault, to the thoughts on religion, single-parent families, and the viewpoints of her community. Friendship, hauntings, and an unexpected twist along the way make for good reading, and the psychological aspects bleeding from past and current events make a gripping combination.

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