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Book review: Tricia Copeland – Kingdom of Embers (@tcbrzostowicz)

In Tricia Copeland’s Kingdom of Embers, Alana Scott moved a lot. Her mother was reviewlooking for something but refused to reveal what. It was her final year of school, but at least she had moved just in time to complete cheerleader tryouts, earning the scorn of the current team captain, but bullies were the least of her concern. It was hard enough having pale skin and an eating condition, she was a vampire-witch hybrid, a being that had been outlawed due to the tremendous power they could wield. Alana must protect her secrets, but when she comes face-to-face with the older version of her childhood playmate her resolve wavers, she needs to tell him the truth. Everyone had told her Chase and Ivy had been imaginary, no one else had seen them, but Alana had known better, she had known they were real. What she didn’t know, was that on their quest for answers they would uncover a threat they had never imagined could exist, one which to alter the very shape of the future.

Kingdom of Embers is the first book in Tricia Copeland’s Kingdom Journals series. Written in an engaging first-person narrative you will be whisked away on a YA urban paranormal adventure centring around Alana, a girl whose problems run deeper than anyone can imagine, and they are just beginning. I really enjoyed the scene-building and atmosphere created as we are drawn int Alana’s life, uncovering secrets, and watching as she keeps her own from the ones who are trying to protect her. Mystery, suspense, friendship, and danger fill the pages as Alana begins to uncover a looming threat, and with local murders, rogue vampires, and bullies, it is taking every ounce of her restraint to hold back the power bother sides of her wield. With characters stemming from teenager to ancient supernatural beings, you have a wide variety of strong characters to know and love. Kingdom of Embers truly is an engaging read, it will have you hooked from beginning to end, and leaving you wanting more, desperate to uncover the dark plans whose foundations have already been already laid.


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