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Book review: Crysta Levere – Vitaltiy (@LevereCrysta)

In Crysta Levere’s Vitality, at nineteen Ava was starting over, again. Lured to Aberdeen reviewby a voice heard as whispers in the throes of madness. She is determined to put her unstable past behind her. Here no one knows her past, her hardships, her secrets. She was doing fine too until her housemate took her to an underground party and she laid eyes upon him. There was something about the dark-haired man that captured her attention, breeding an obsession as he consumes her thoughts. But he was perfection, and she was broken, held together by tape and madness. She is drawn to him like a moth to a flame, his dark presence fuel for the fire of her madness as he haunts her day and night. He wants to possess her, now she longs to be his but fears his embrace would destroy all. Little does she know the truth, like her madness, plays close to the surface. How much of herself will she be willing to give, how much will he dare take when he realises she is more than he imagined possible.
Crysta Levere’s Vitality is an unusual addition to the paranormal/ supernatural genre. It touches on things commonly associated with the genre and a healthy twist of something different. In this atmospheric tale, you are truly pulled down the rabbit hole and into the mouth of madness as you follow Ava’s journey into the depths of insanity and beyond. Filled with symbology and representations of walking the line between madness and sanity, where nothing is ever quite what it seems, fiction and truth become askew and confusion runs riot. Ava portrays a great strength of character, altering as her experience and alliances both temper and unravel her, opening her up to the part of herself she had closed off from everything. Many of the descriptions and conversations in this book are almost poetic in their imagery and philosophical musings, while her growing friendship with her housemates reveals another side to the tale. Confusion, mystery, longing, desperation, and deception weave throughout this three-part story and you’ll be dying to know how everything ends.


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