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Book review: S F Benson – Cursed Hearts (@BensonShantella)

In S F Benson’s Cursed Hearts Kelsie wanted more in her life than what her species reviewallowed. She had grown up surrounded by humans hearing tales of love, and she wanted it for her own. But succubi weren’t allowed such emotions, and with her abilities being uncontrolled it seemed the was fated to become a consort. She had lost all hope until she met Victor. She was drawn to him like no other, a feeling he seemed to reciprocate. But no one had warned them what could happen, why their two species were incompatible. A single kiss sealed their fate, cursing them and setting the council and supernatural world into chaos. Can their love survive centuries of hatred and resentment, or will they be torn apart, undone by the curse which threatens both their futures?
Cursed Hearts is the first book in S F Benson’s Hearts Duology series. This is a sweet addition to the paranormal romance genre and brings the reader into a town where supernatural live amongst humans, guarding their secret yet living in their world. Kelsie is a strong-willed sixteen-year-old with idealistic views of what she wants from life. She has immersed herself within the human world, befriending them and seeking the same things from her life that seem to come to them so easily. Her newly awakening powers are causing more harm than good, a kiss can mean death, and with her emotions running rampant her brother, Cash, is left to clean up after his sister, lest she faces the judgement of the council who govern these beings. It was nice seeing her character evolve and the first-person perspective from both her and Victor added an extra layer to the forming if their relationship, drawing the reader deeper into the world of differences and persecution. Their complicated cross-species romance is beautiful in its simplicity, the easy flowing style just takes the reader along for the ride as they try to discover what they want, and how they can live in a world which seems stacked against them. Forbidden love, danger, and ancient magic take you along on a journey of two soul mates, destined to be each other’s curse.


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