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Book review: Casey Bartsch – Behind the Red Curtian

Lucy thought it might be nice to have a drink with the handsome stranger who had reviewrescued her from the young hooligans. He had seemed nice enough, refined and gentlemanly, with his tailored suit and disarming smile. She would soon discover looks could be deceiving. Imprisoned and tormented Lucy tries to put her father’s lessons to practise, to survive the heinous acts driving her to the cusp of insanity as she is forced to watch and experience things no one ever should. The twisted house of torments, crafted by a skewed mind, has become her prison, and if she hopes to live, she must use everything she knows and more.

Behind the Red Curtain by Casey Bartsch is a gripping horror / psychological thriller that will certainly appeal to lovers of the genre. Lucy is an amazing character, and watching her navigate the horrific plot was both terrifying and thrilling. I loved how her psyche alters from beginning to end as events chip away at who she is. Her moxie and perseverance is inspiring as she refuses to play the victim and attempts to keep her wits about her. Her perseverance is astounding, and every moment of her plight has you on the edge of your seat, wondering what fresh horrors lie in wait. This book oozes atmosphere, from great scene-setting to the constantly heightening tension. All the macabre intricacies of a psycho oriented tale, with suspense, gore, and surprises has woven in. If you’re looking for a true horror, a twisted, thrilling, and horrific tale that will shock, amaze, and entertain, look no further. Behind the Red Curtain has earned a well-deserved place on my recommended reading books, I was in the mood for a brutal and atmospheric horror, and it delivered on every count.

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