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Book review: Joan Tenner – Grandma’s Halloween Stories

Grandma’s Halloween Stories written by Joan Tenner, and illustrated by Jesus Lopez, is reviewan amazing and delightful composition of spooky tales involving witchcraft, potions, and magic. It was written over the years for her own grandchildren between 1989 to 1996 and is comprised of 8 short and lovable stories, each with a different Halloween theme, from witches to frogs, thieves to friends. This beautifully constructed picture book will appeal to old and young as it captures the heart and imagination with its charming rhymes and beautiful themed drawings.
The first thing I want to say about this amazing book is that there were a number of tales within, which would work really well as stand-alone picture books and have the potential to be a seasonal rival to books from authors like Julia Donaldson. I was absolutely enchanted with Grandma’s Halloween Stories, from the attractive illustrations, drawn by Jesus Lopez, to the short stories written, as all good picture books are, in rhyme. Joan Tenner has complied such an imaginative variation of Halloween themed tales in Grandma’s Halloween stories, from witches and ghouls to frogs and fools. My favourite tales were A Special Halloween, Frogs and Toads – Beware, and Chicken Soup. I loved how each story captured its own atmosphere and charm. This truly is an enchanting book, packed with magic, potions, witchcraft, and wonder and it really captures the very essence of Halloween in a unique and entertaining way. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and it takes a well-earned place on my exclusive recommended books list.

Having loved this book from start to end the last tale made me sad.
The thought that there may be no more, left me feeling rather bad.
I understand her grandchildren, are now all fully grown.
They have their lives, and own delights and from the nest have flown.
Trick or treaters know not this and knock still at the door.
And for my treat, I simply say, these tales, I want more.
But if it’s not to be the case, her tales will be missed.
But forever will you find them on my recommended list.
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Book link:

Grandma’s Halloweens Stories paperback link – not currently available as an ebook



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