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Book review@ Alane Adams – The Eye of Zeus (@AlaneAdamsBooks)

In Alane Adams’ The Eye of Zeus, Phoebe had been passed from pillar to post through the reviewfoster system, but no matter where she went, or how determined she was to have a fresh start trouble always found her. Strange things seemed to happen around her, fires, freak hail storms, it wasn’t exactly conducive to a good home. This time she had sworn things would be different, but already she was facing detention. She couldn’t understand it, perhaps if she had known the tale of her birth these things would make sense, perhaps if she had known the prophecy then things would have changed. If she knew the truth of her roots then her social worker’s abduction by a divine figure would have made sense. Her prophecy said she would destroy Olympus, and if that was what it took to bring back the one constant in her life then even the gods should live in fear, because she will stop at nothing to bring him home.

The Eye of Zeus is book one in Alane Adams’ Legends Of Olympus. This children’s fantasy occurs between the modern-day world, and that of ancient Greece as the reader is taken on Phoebe’s trails, four of which are the well-known labours of Hercules. This tale is written in an energetic first-person narrative in which Pheobe’s character really shines through. The style and plot are easy to follow, making it ideal for the targeted young audience, and has information within which could spur an interest in Greek Mythology. Pheobe is a vibrant and charismatic character, determined to save Carl, who through all her homes and relocations has been the one constant in her life, and to do so she needs the help of her friends. Action, betrayal, deception, and conflict drive the plot onwards as they try to outsmart and outmanoeuvre their enemies as they attempt to overthrow the prophecy, all while running for their lives.

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