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Book review: Sharon C Williams – Jasper, Amazon Parrot (@NewEngland_Muse)

Newly hatched Jasper has a lot to learn. The world inside the nest is so big at first, but as reviewhe grows he and his younger brother discover there is so much more adventure to the world. With their new friend Charlie, the spider monkey, exploration and new adventures are never far behind.

A Rainforest Adventure – Jasper, Amazon Parrot is a rain forest adventure written by Sharon C Williams. This book is simply adorable. Jasper is such a lively character, and it was brilliant watching him and his brother grow and mature from the time they first hatched to their adventures in the forest as they encounter other inhabitants. This is not only a fun read, but an educational one. Whilst I know it is targeted at children, I really enjoyed it, and appreciated the messages and morals woven into the plot.

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