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Book review: Michael Gerhartz – Dark Times (@MichaelGerhart5)

Marine biologist, Natascha, was missing the thrill of the dive since starting work at the reviewaquarium, so when an opportunity arose to explore a flooded mine it was an adventure she couldn’t resist. Little did she know what her exploration would uncover. Already suspicious about the underhanded deeds of a nearby abbey. Her shocking discovery puts her life in jeopardy as she undercovers a criminal operation so enormous that its reach seems endless. This operation has been running smoothly for a long time, and those in charge have their own agenda with the unsuspecting Natascha. Will she survive to reveal what she has uncovered, or will she too disappear like all those who trod this path before her?

Dark times is an award-winning thriller by Michael Gerhartz. I really enjoyed how the author skilfully incorporated different speech for his characters based on their upbringing and nationality, and loved the use of appropriate colloquialisms, and the dialogue was written in such a way you could easily hear the speaker’s voice. Whilst the book has many characters, it focuses mainly on the journeys and exploits of a few, using supporting characters to expertly build scenes, create tension, and reveal the depths alternative, related events. There is so much to this book, the in-depth and detailed plot will keep readers entertained beginning to end, building a clear picture of the characters, their evolving relationships, and the difficulties they face. This is certainly a well-constructed novel with a brilliantly executed plot. I honestly didn’t want to put it down, so the fact I was on a long-haul flight had its benefits, because I didn’t have to. If you enjoy watching plots and schemes unravel in a character and event-driven plot filled with dark happenings, mystery, and danger, then you will love this.

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