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Book review: Lisa V Proulx – A Temporary Death (@LisaVProulx)

In 1954 Victoria Edwards bled to death during a routine procedure that went terribly reviewwrong, only to awaken in the morgue 3 days later with an amazing tale. While her Earthly vessel lay in death, Victoria experienced insight and sights she could never have imagined, an insight she dared not share until now.

A Temporary Death by Lisa V Proulx is written as a transcript from the recordings of Victoria Edward, this dictation tells the journey of this woman’s ‘temporary death’ and the struggles she faced on her return. I really enjoyed how the telling of this tale remained true to Victoria’s dictation. You have her story, her words, told in the way she wanted it told. While a short tale it is also a powerful one, stirring emotional responses and encouraging the reader to consider what they themselves believe and might experience in their own death, be it temporary or otherwise.

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