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Book review: C.A. King – Hang on to Your Shirt Tails (@PortalProphecy)

Tails and Brody finally had a home, a sanctuary of sorts for them and the rescued reviewchildren. But not everyone thinks their home is a sanctuary. With George’s first shift, and Eliza running away they know they can’t stay long. Little did they know that Eliza’s escape brings with it a more harrowing concern. Zeus lives, and is more determined than ever to assert the shifters’ dominance and put humans in their place. With the wayward child at his side, he could do just that.

Hang on to your Shirt Tails by C.A. King is the second book in the Chasing Tails series. Having read the first I loved how this story picks up almost where the other one left off, with new discoveries and adaptation of their new lives and growing relationship. The plot progresses at a steady and addictive pace, and its short length make it easy to lose yourself in completely. I always enjoy a book by C.A King, they flow seamlessly and keep me entertained and enticed. The book is left on a cliff hanger, so I will eagerly await the next addition to the series.

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