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Book review: C.A. King From Alice to Malice (@PortalProphecy)

Alice was running. She had to escape, to be free. But little did she know that even reviewfreedom has its price. Her desperate retreat sends her spiralling down a rabbit hole, a large seasonal sink hole known to open this time of year. Nothing is as it should be in this world. Everything is opposite on the flip side, but there is a balance. Malice is the exact opposite image of Alice, a confident, powerful figure who swears to solve Alice’s every trouble. There is only one thing she needs to do, swap places, Alice to Malice.

C.A. King’s From Alice to Malice is another fantastic edition to Welcome to Knollville series. I have read so many of these books now that I already have an investment in the characters and the underlying threat which is steadily gaining momentum in every one of these stand-alone books. I enjoyed Alice and Malice’s characters as well as the unfolding events and relationships of Jeff and Miranda as they begin to understand the true scope of their roles. Playful malice, revenge, murder, and discovery will keep you entertained as we join Alice down the rabbit hole, and Malice as she exacts the revenge Alice never could.

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