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Book review: Anita Dickason – Not Dead (@anita_dickason)

When four year old Mandy Norton is abducted from her own back yard, Chad Bishop reviewsprings into action. A big city cop in a small town knows just the moves to play, unfortunately, so too does the new editor of the Tribune. Butting heads over the disappearance Chad learns a horrific truth, this feisty reporter is the girl’s aunt, and given her skills in investigative journalism, and her ability to uncover leads and sources, they would work better together than apart. As the investigation unfolds it appears Mandy is not the only child to be snatched from a small town, one thing is for certain, whoever took Mandy is in for more trouble than they can handle, especially when a familiar fog and hidden whispers once more bid for Chad’s attention. He has seen this before, and it almost cost him his sanity, this time, the price could be far higher. Can he find Mandy before the unspeakable happens?
Not Dead is a suspenseful thriller with just a hint of the supernatural. I really loved how Anita Dickason teases the reader. She plays your curiosity like a finely tuned fiddle, enticing you to read on and discover more about the characters, their past, the strange events unfolding, and most importantly, whether they will they find Mandy alive, or at all? The characters are expertly developed and it was so easy to become invested in their personal plights, sympathise with them, and fear for their safety. The third-person style gives the reader insight into many perceptions, even a few which really played on the heartstrings. Beautifully written beginning to end and presented in a gripping and concise manner. If you’re looking for a good mystery plot that will pull you in hook, line, and sinker, then this is it.

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