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Book review: Debbie De Louise – Sea Scope (@Deblibrarian)

Sarah had known there was trouble in her marriage for a long time. Even before the review.jpgdevastation she faced on finding out her brother had died. It stemmed from the fact that, for some unknown reason, she and her husband were unable to conceive and he was not open to any alternative. When an invitation arrives from her aunt to visit her childhood home, Sea Scope, as a trial run before the grand reopening of the inn, she had her reservations. On one hand, she thought the break would do her marriage good, on the other, she had not returned to that place in twenty years, not since discovering the body of Michael, a resident and friend, at the foot of the light house. Even before reaching the inn, disturbing events beckoned her attention, a message from her dead brother’s phone. It seems there is a truth to be discovered, and some secrets cannot stay buried forever.

Debbie De Louise’s Sea Scope is a thrilling and gripping murder mystery which reflects on a murder which happened twenty years ago as new events at Sea Scope start to lead Sarah to uncover a truth that had once been buried. I really enjoyed the smoothly executed alteration between the present day, and events of twenty years ago. As the mystery unfolds so too does your understanding of the characters grow. Each character is complex, human, with their own flaws, realistic personalities, and challenges. I can honestly say I haven’t enjoyed watching a mystery plot unfold like this for a long time, I could scarcely bear to put it down. The steady pace keeps you engaged while the characters drive the plot forward. Sea Scope has made it onto my exclusive recommended books list, which is reserved for books that, in my opinion, have that extra little something for readers. Secrets, mystery, betrayal, and discovery, along with excellent plot and character development make this a must-read book.

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