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Book review: JD Stanley – The Seer (@jdstanleywrites)

The rule of the Red King, Barry, has driven the people of Edenshire, to the brink of reviewdevastation. Even the Seer can divine only destruction before them, and it is a path he himself had brought to pass. He had ended King Manfred’s reign by his own hand, and ensured Manfred’s daughter, Brigit, became his ward, learning from him, as she also did from Sir William, captain of the King’s guard. But her time for such tomfoolery had come to pass, despite her yearnings she was no longer permitted a sword in hand, she had to be schooled in the ways of being a lady, a home-maker, but King Barry may have other plans for the princess, and fate itself has its own ideas of what should come to pass, regardless how much anyone tries to fight it.

You know you are going to enjoy a book when the first pages make you grin and JD Stanley’s, The Seer, did just that. I loved the playful exchange and incorporation of old English insults and words. Compelling dialogue is found throughout and really adds a medieval character and feel to the writing. I thought the characters were well developed, some fighting what fate has laid before them, and others embracing the life they are given. Forbidden love, underhanded schemes, deception, abandonment, and endless insanity and war drive the plot, drawing you deeper into a world of magic and madness. You will find yourself mentally berating some characters choices, while eagerly awaiting others receiving their comeuppance, and you cant help but root for the more deserving as they try to find their path. Intense, gripping, emotional, and action filled The Seer will give you hours of entertainment.

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