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Book review: Gordon Bickerstaff – Die Every Day (@GFBickerstaf)

When Zoe Tampsin is told about a recent murder her heart borders on breaking. reviewConflicting emotions bubble within her. She has been given a duty, to ensure the killer pleads guilty. But it soon becomes apparent there is more to this case than meets the eye, and far more to her involvement than a simple act of ensuring the plea goes as required. As events unravel, and she hears the confession of the murder, it seems there is no doubt to be cast. Buried beneath the surface of this heart-breaking crime is a secret so destructive, so horrific, that it could destroy the government and the country. Should she happen across it, should she unearth the truth, then Zoe will put everyone she loves in harm’s way. The problem is, this is Zoe Tampsin, and when she demands answers no stone is left unturned until she gets them.

Die Every Day is the latest espionage Thriller in Gordon Bickerstaff’s Lambeth Group Thrillers. Having read the other six books in this series I have already developed a connection to the characters, and it is a bond that increases throughout the books. I love watching how fate and events twist the lives, personalities, and relationships of these vivid and realistic characters, but perhaps one of my most favourite things, are the character’s are consistently flawed, consistently human, making them real and believable. Gordon Bickerstaff’s third-person narrative draws the readers in with vivid descriptions, beautifully choregraphed action, and a plot that leaves you hungry for the truth. As a reader I revelled in watching events unravel in ways I had not expected. I’ve said it before, but Gordon Bickerstaff is a true master of this genre. Action, secrets, loyalty, desperation, and betrayal will keep you on the edge of your seat as things go from bad to worse with seemingly no reprieve. I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on the next book when it comes out, if there is one.

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