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Book review: D.L. Dugger – The Fantastic Phantasmic Detective Agency (@dl_dugger)

When the Fantastic Phantasmic Detective Agency undertook a case to find a missing reviewghost they had no idea what they would find themselves involved in. Joseph Green is not the only missing ghost, and his disappearance is not due to the standard exorcism. Someone is employing a medium to capture the spirits using a method unseen for a very long time. But since neither Otherworld or Underworld have a need to pursue such undertakings, it begs the question who is behind the disappearance of souls, and what do they hope to gain from it? Luckily Monsento and his gang of young sleuths are on the case, but do they have what it takes to unravel this mystery and survive?

The Fantastic Phantasmic Detective Agency and  The Case of the Missing Ghost by D.L. Dugger is a paranormal fiction targeting towards young teenagers, but enjoyable by most age ranges. Abby, Toby and Billy, run a detective agency like no other, one which takes requests from the dead. To do this they have the help of their medium, Arthur Monsento. Written in the alternative first person of Arthur and Abby you are given both an adult and teenage perspective of unfolding events allowing you to be drawn deeper into the intriguing mystery. The characters, like the plot itself, are fun and entertaining and at more than one point I found myself chuckling. I enjoyed the incorporation and adaptation of Greek mythology as well as the growth the characters displayed throughout the book. While it is apparent that this is not the first book in the series, the author does a wonderful job in bringing the reader up to speed thus allowing anyone picking up this book to enjoy the plot in full, while also being intrigued to learn what may have happened before. I enjoyed the playfulness of this book, and it reminded me a lot of the young sleuth mysteries I read as a child with one added bonus, this is heavily influenced by the paranormal, making it a more adult combination of Scooby-doo and Nancy Drew combined with the darker aspects of Strangers Things.

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