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Book review: Camille Faye – Flight (@camillefaye)

Sophie was torn. She wanted to love Jacques, to commit to him fully, but every time she reviewfelt ready to, her mind and heart, returned to Taj. He had abandoned her, leaving without a word and shattering her to the brink of her own destruction as a Mind Changer. It had taken some time to recover, and yet she knew she could never truly let go until she saw him one last time. But things in Malaysia were not what she had imagined. Uncovering the secrets Taj had hidden she finds herself once more drawn into the comfort of his presence and reconnecting with that part of her she thought had been lost. But as things with Taj appear to be falling into place, back at home her life is being destroyed. Someone is targeting Seraphina’s House of Voodoo, determined to destroy it and the future Voodoo Queen in one foul blow. The actions and her loa speak of a traitor, but can Sophie discover who is behind this attack before her life and future is ripped away before her gaze?

Flight is the third book Camille Faye’s gripping Voodoo Butterfly series. Having been lucky enough to read all three of these books so far, I have to admit I am hooked on this series. These books are written with such style it is impossible not to connect to the characters. Diverse and vivid they drive the plot onward as their lives clash, unfold, and interact in ways you could never imagine. I loved the merging of different cultures and how the author highlights similarities between different cultures and beliefs, no matter how much you know about other religions and cultures you are certain to learn something here, and in a fun way too. The emotions Sophie experiences when first getting to Malaysia were so familiar to those I myself felt when I moved to India, from her searching for familiarity, to the shock of a complete change in culture, it was all described perfectly, along with the emotions they brought to life. This was impossible to put down, I just had to know what was going to happen, whether Sophie would choose Taj, Jacques, or to be alone, and whether she could find the traitor and save her families legacy. There are important messages engrained in this book that will stir the heart of the reader along this intense journey. Love, uncertainty, danger, treachery, secrets, and doubt are just some of the things Flight has to offer as you are taken along on Sophie’s unique and thrilling journey of self-discovery and growth.

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