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Book review: Mandi Konesni – The Kira Malone Chronicles (@mandikauthor)

Kira had been warned not to walk at such a late hour, not when the campus bus could reviewdeliver her safely. If she had only listened to them, she never would have been kidnapped. Her abduction unlocked something in her she didn’t know she had possessed, a fighting sprit and a will to survive. Held captive by a creature of nightmares she is drawn into a world she never knew existed, a reality Man is content to ignore, a hidden world of monsters. She had been a victim once, and vowed never again to allow these creatures to remain unchecked. She had been warned not to walk alone, but if she had listened then who would now rise to stand between Man and monster? One thing is certain, the one who took her has unleashed upon his kin a terrible adversary, and she won’t rest until they answer for their crimes.

The Kira Malone Chronicles Volume 1, Slaughter USA, is a paranormal fiction by Mandi Konesni. Broken down into three parts we are first introduced to Kira as she fights for her life against a foe she has no understanding of. Reading this reminded me of the TV series Supernatural, and this book could very well be Kira’s story on how she discovered monsters were real and became a hunter in that world. But it is not Sam and Dean’s world, and creative solutions are needed to gain access to morgues and places of investigations, after all, the guise of a journalist will open but a few doors in the search for truth. I enjoyed watching the tale unfold and the way Kira’s life was shaped by her experience and the allies she found. Engaging, interesting, and tense, you will find yourself trying to identify the monster along with Kira and Andy, and hoping they uncover the truth before another life is lost. Lovers of monsters, and the supernatural will find many hours of enjoyment in this perfectly paced tale.

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