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Book review: C.A. King – Red Dot Capers

Jack Russell had protected his secret desperately for ten years. If he wanted to have reviewrights, to work as a lawyer, to live in a nice property, it was a necessity. For ten years he had cut ties with his beast and separated himself from others of his kind, but a single incident in the office had exposed him. Red dots from a laser pen were known to cause problems with shifters, and when one danced inside the office Jack lost it, and almost his job in the process. He had one chance at saving everything, anger management, but little did he know there was more going on at his law firm than met the eye, and a person within the group knows more than they let on.

Red Dot Capers by C.A. King is paranormal fantasy romance that will leave you chuckling. Jack has a rather unique shifted form, one which appeals to the withdrawn cat lady, Kitty Kat, who also ends up in anger management. The two characters quickly bond, and each rapidly assist the others growth in overcoming fears and concerns. Written in the smooth flowing style I have come to expect from this author, this novella was a fun read with playful humour and a serious undertone. This funny and charming tale with lurking danger and hidden agendas will keep you engaged from first page to last.

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