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Book review: Christopher Coates – The Ark (@ccoatesbook)

When a threat with extinction-level potential was accidentally discovered it took a few reviewweeks to confirm the findings, but soon the government was on high alert, pumping resources into excelling the most promising projects, those which could keep people safe until the danger had passed. One such undertaking was a sleeper project, designed to put people into long-term sleep. What was initially intended as a project for space travel quickly became one of the nation’s only hope for survival. The clock is ticking, changes must be made, safeguards installed, and most importantly, everything must remain top-secret. If word were to get out global panic would ensue. Can the project be finished in time, and if so will the world they wake to be the one they expect?

The Ark by Christopher Coates is an engaging dystopian fiction which piqued my interest from the prologue. I thought the way America handled the information was realistic. They set out to secure their own future, withholding information to prevent mass global panic, and I also have a sneaking suspicion that other countries may have been doing the same, after all, we just see the USA perspective and witnessed for ourselves the measures they took to ensure news would not be leaked, it is not difficult to image other counties did the same. The characters really drive this plot forward, and whilst there is a large cast it is easy to become invested in their mission. I can’t say what exactly about this story hooked me, whether it was the need to know how the future unfolded, my investment in the lives of the characters, or the smooth third person writing style which kept me engaged, but one thing is for certain, I didn’t want to put it down. The science is kept minimal and easy to understand whilst complex devices are developed and tested. Danger, comradery, and realism fill every page of this dystopian tale. I can’t help but wonder if there will be a follow on book which, like the Fall Out games, will explore the world, the changes, and its rebuilding effort. If there is, you can bet it will be on my reading list.

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