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Book review: Rod C. Spence – Jeremy Austin and the Paladin (@RodCSpence)

When six teenagers are escorted at weapon point through a portal to the planet Genesis, review2.4 million light years from Earth, it was always going to spell trouble. It was the type of trouble that hadn’t been bargained on. A prophecy had told of a beacon and the coming of a paladin to protect Genesis from the armies of the Gnome King, and if the prophecies are true, then this paladin is the only one who could drive back the armies ready to invade. Everyone has their role to play, and self-discovery is but a part of it.

Rod C. Spence’s, Jeremy Austin and the Paladin is a harmonious weave of high fantasy meets science fiction. Packed with action, teenage drama, and a quest for survival you will be holding onto the edge of your seat. For me, I saw a lot of details that reminded me of the RPG games I lost hours to playing crossed with some of my favourite action games. I enjoyed watching how each character went from being a victim of circumstance to the shaper of their destiny. The characters are developed, engaging, and also believable with flaws and personality that enhance their own journey of discovery as prehistoric monsters meet with magic and futuristic technology. Written in a well-paced and flowing third person perspective you can see the plots, schemes, trials, and challenges unfold from almost every angle. Action, chaos, suspense, and drama are just parts of the thrilling plot that will leave fantasy lovers sated, yet wanting more.


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