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Book review: C.A. King – Serendipity’s Debt (@PortalProphecy)

Seren was having, without a doubt, the worst day of her life. It was meant to be 51ecf7eo3+l7406283143666795213..jpgsomething special, chance to prove she was right for the job she knew was meant to her. But even before she opened her eyes fate was against her. There are bad days, and then there are BAD days. Deflated and defeated she stumbles into a bar, unaware temptation lies within. As she is talking about this good luck coin given to her parents she realises it is now hers. And whilst they had sealed it away, she could use it to turn her spiralling life around. Everything must find balance. One person’s luck is another person’s misfortune, Seren could be on the verge of getting everything she ever wanted, but can she live with the consequences?

Serendipity’s Debt by CA King is a paranormal tale and book two in the Welcome to Knollville series. In this book, we are introduced to Serendipity, aka Seren, as she attempts to turn her life around. We have all had bad days, so at once you can relate to her plight. She is a well-written character involved in a narrative far larger than he could even begin to imagine. As we watch her life begin to unfold, we are drawn n to witness the consequences, and of course, Knollville’s finest show the reader beyond the scope of Seren’s knowledge. Engaging, intriguing, and enjoyable it is easy to consume this in a single read. I can’t wait to see what book three has in store.

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