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Book review: Estela Vazquez Perez -Dark Serenade (@EVazquezPerez)

It was an impossible choice. After having his soul condemned to hell by Goldendeath, reviewVictor’s friends are left with a difficult decision. To allow him to suffer eternally in the depths of hell, or condemn him to immortality and reveal to him a world of darkness that would not only taint his soul, but they themselves were part of and kept hidden from him. An eternity of torture, one one of torment, either way, his soul is lost. But in their world perhaps there is the hope of salvation

Dark Serenade is a gothic romance, and second in Estela Vazquez Perez’s Montenegro series. It follows the plights and trials of Victor, a pure, big-hearted, generous but condemned soul. Paranormal romance lovers will find this book has much to offer. confusion, jealousy, love, intrigue and a quest for redemption will keep you engrossed beginning to end.

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