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Book review: Mo Robinson – Game of Twins

Suzanne Delacroix was born to investigate homicide. She excelled through the ranks of the police force reviewby her own merit and was dubbed the Tigress. She had only been sick once before, during one horrific night at a frat party, but the triple murder of the Monroe twins and their mother brought that night back to the forefront of her mind. Her reaction was so intense she handed in her resignation and fled to the beach for some solitude. But she couldn’t stay away for long, the murder gnawed at her, and soon she finds herself drawn back, uncovering links and secrets she would have never imagined.

Mo Robinson brings lovers of murder, mystery and paranormal something to really sink their teeth into in their thrilling and enticing book, Game of Twins. With each chapter being clearly labelled with the date and correlation to critical events navigating a complex timeline spanning many years is made surprisingly easy. Packed with action, adventure, murder, sex, mystery, and a game spanning back decades. Mia and Suzanne make some brilliant lead characters, well developed and rounded they each find themselves pursuing the truth, a truth which leads them to unexpected revelations and their supporting cast not only enhance their characters, but bring their own something special to events, be it antagonism, doubt, difficulties, or support. There is so much to love about this book, from vivid scene setting, to the delicate threads of character plot, history, and settings woven throughout. This really is a well-rounded and tight story. From the very start to the final page you’ll find yourself gripped by this immersive and well-constructed story.


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