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Book review: Jeff Altabef – Devil’s Den (@JeffAltabef ) 5star

Steve’s mother saw demons, and now he does too. Returning home in the hope to reviewdiscover answers he soon finds himself on a mission that will bring him closer to the truth than he could imagine. He has spent years battling demons, both figurative and literal ones, but he finally came home, only to receive an almost perfectly timed plea for help. His ex’s daughter, Megan, has been abducted, and lacking the funds to pay the police she reaches desperately to the one person she thinks could be of help. He will move Heaven and Hell to see it through, better yet, they should know their place and step aside. Nothing will stop him, not the demons who hunt him, not his doubts, not even the fact his enemies seem to remain one step ahead of him. Megan is just another number in a string of disappearances orchestrated by The Farm, they brainwash their subjects into compliance and preach religion, but their agenda is a little more sinister.

Devil’s Den is the first book in Jeff Altabef’s, A Nephilim Thriller and what a first book it is. You’re immediately pulled into the distorted world of Steven, a place of political hierarchy, districts and, of course, demons. You can’t help but love Steve’s no nonsense attitude. Tempered by life and experiences he is a firm believer in actions speaking louder than words, especially when said actions make people confess, and he had the stomach and the attitude needed to get things done. Nothing and no one will stop him. Devil’s Den possesses an intensely gripping narrative with vivid descriptions, striking characters, and a plot that sinks its claws so deep you may end up scarred for life. It is impossible to put down, you just have to know what is happening, you need to see the bigger picture, and when you do you may wish you’d had the foresight to avert your gaze.

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