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Book review: Robert E Kreig, The Brides of Woodmyst (@robertekreig )

The ascension of the Magi, as prophesied, came to pass, and word is spreading quickly, reviewtoo quickly. War grips the land, innocents are being slaughtered, and against her every wish Alice must remain, and work on the bonds with her new sisters in magic, letting countless suffer. But this is but one of the many sacrifices needed if any hope of victory is possible in this time of darkness. The enemies are many, and their own numbers are few. But just as life, death, earth, and sky must live alongside each other, the four with their newly awakened powers must find balance within themselves, but one is not amongst them. It is known, on occasion for one of the four to seek dominion over the others, when that occurs it falls to those who remain to rein it back and restore order, but with other forces at play this may not prove easy. There are prices to be paid, war is waged, and despite everything they think they know, they may still be blind to the real threat.

Having red book five and six of the of The Woodmyst Chronicles I was really excited to get my hands on number seven, The Brides of Woodmyst. I have come to expect a certain flair from the author Robert E Kreig, and he continues to deliver in his latest addition to the series. Robert E Kreig provides an elegant balance of history, description, dialogue, world building, and character development that work flawlessly with the intricately designed and ever-advancing plot. Once again we are delivered a vivid and interesting cast of characters. Trials and hardship stand before them, and they must rise against them, lest they be crushed. I never fail to be captivated by his writing style, imaginative descriptions, brilliant scene settings and a forever raising stake. Things for Alice began so simply, but things were never easy, but to see her claw her way to where she now stands is amazing, and she is not alone is such growth. This is one book where the characters, events, and plot all drive the reader forward making it impossible to put down.


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