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How many books have you read today?

Hi everyone.

Anyone who follows me will have just seen a large influx of book reviews. Sadly, I haven’t conjured a small pocket dimension where I can sit and read while no time passes in the real world. I am still working on it though.

As a Readers’ Favorite reviewer, I am often given ARC copies of books. For books not yet on the shelf I often draft a post for when the books get published. As things were a bit hectic last year with the death of my Nan, I didn’t keep track on Amazon as to whether a book I had read had been released. Since I have a few moments today I thought I would just check and attach links to all the reviews and get them out there.

Think of it as my own version of spring cleaning.

I still have a few books in my drafts waiting for release, and look forward to sharing them with you later.

All the best, and keep reading x



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