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Book review: Murderous Intent by John L. Evans

Dimitri Kosloff, a famous film director, had been found stabbed and dismembered at his reviewusual Friday and Saturday night suite. He was as well known for his sexual preferences as he was for his Academy Awards, so his murder caused quite a stir. The evidence is circumstantial but points towards a young sailor, Richard Dellesandro, who was the last person seen alive with him as he accompanied the director to his room. With such a high profile case, it is essential to make quick work of it, but not everyone thinks Dellesandro is their man. However, with nothing to place their other possible suspect at the scenes, can justice be done and the truth be uncovered, or will someone get away with murder?

Murderous Intent is a murder/crime mystery set in Los Angeles, and focusing on the more famous aspects, such as Hollywood. John L. Evans writes with a good poise for the genre and it is easy to lose yourself in this book and read it in a single sitting. There are so many important events that occur and you wonder whether the Los Angeles Police, who are reluctant to drop the case, will be able to not only get their perp, but prove their involvement, or is it simply too high exposure to continue when a fall guy has already been found? The hunt is on, secrets are uncovered, lies are exposed, and red tape threatens the investigation at every turn. Speaking of every turn, you’ll find yourself turning the pages eagerly, gripped and engrossed by not only the intricately woven plot, but the immersive style with which the author engages you.

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