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Book review: Francis Halpin – The Seventh Guard

Robert was a repair technician at Best Buy, one who had hung on to his job solely reviewbecause he was so good at repairing things, his social skills, however, were indeed lacking, to the point he was banned from customer interaction. After work he conducted his own experiments, determined to break reality by discovering a hidden glitch. Then he saw it, or more accurately the program he created did, small breaks in the physical laws of our world. It was a message, of that he was certain, but he had no idea how dangerous breaking this encryption would be, his entire perspective on the world, on what was possible, was about to change. If Jennifer’s step-father wasn’t dangerous enough, he was about to discover a new enemy, one who was more powerful than he could ever imagine, one who would stop at nothing to see his demise.

The Seventh Guard by Francis Halpin is an intriguing Science Fiction focusing on the main character Robert as he tries to unravel his destiny. It all started with a flickering light, a cryptic clue he felt he must interpret. It is written at a steady pace with a narrative written with such style you keep turning the pages. You can’t help but be drawn into Robert’s plight, wondering if there is a greater destiny afoot, or if the flickering light is simply unlocking something in, what his girlfriend described as, his ‘on the spectrum’ personality. Robert is a strong lead character supported by David and Jennifer, in their supporting roles which help to build a fuller picture of him, his life, and the world around him. Intrigue, a quest for truth, and hidden mysteries fill the book to the brim, and leave you wondering what the ultimate conclusion will be.



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