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Book review: Alexa Padgett – Sweet Solace (@AlexaPadgett )

Dahlia had been with her husband Doug for what had seemed liked forever, committed reviewto the vows she made to the musician as a teenager. Even if he didn’t take them as seriously. He had betrayed her trust, hurt her, destroyed her in ways she didn’t think possible, and that was before his diagnosis, things had only got worse after. His death had opened more wounds, despite everything she had loved him, once. When her path crosses with Asher’s, an old crush and famous rock star, she begins to feel things she thought were long lost in her. But she never thought her feelings had been, and still were, reciprocated. The problem is, neither of  them are in a place where they feel they can pursue a relationship. After Doug, Dahlia swore to never love, especially not a musician, she knew all too well the price she paid, and she couldn’t do it again. Will she pass up her chance of happiness because of the fears and betrayal of her husband, or will she take the risk, will she give love one final chance?

Sweet Solace (Seattle Sound Series Book 1) is a slow burn romance by Alexa Padgett who is certainly an expert in their craft. I was hung on every word, loving the steady pace and involved plot of the lives of Asher and Dahlia as they are brought together, both with their own complications. I loved the slow change in Dahlia’s character as she began to reclaim who she had once been before things had turned sour with Doug. There is plenty to enjoy, and the erotic scenes were well scripted perfectly attuned to the book without becoming over the top, they were no more or less than was needed. I can honestly day it has been a long time since I have enjoyed a book in the romance genre as much as I enjoyed Sweet Solace I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it, and I can certainly see myself picking up some of the other books from the talented Alexa Padgett It has everything you could ask for, passion, doubts, insecurity, longing, and the fears that come with someone already deeply hurt. and more.


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