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Book review: A. M. Sohma – The Desperate Quest

Kit had not logged into Chronicles of Retha since her old guild, Milk Crown, was reviewdisbanded. Her cousin Bruce, as a joke hacked her account, creating the most ridiculous character, a dancer elf, and ensured her reputation was hated and shunned by all factions. It may have been funny, if not for a corruption error that occurred on the server trapping her and hundreds of others in game. She has been told of a means to log out, the completion if an epic world storyline, but with her ridiculous appearance no one will take her seriously. She and her group fight against the odds, trying to complete the quest and get others to believe them for when they are ready. This world event is epic, no one on this server has completed it, and without the support of others it seems she herself has little chance. Bad stats, bad reputation, and impossible odds, but she had never been one to take the easy path, and now is no exception.

The Desperate Quest is book two in Second Age of Retha by A. M. Sohma. It is only now, as I added this, that I realised this was actually the second book otherwise I would have started with the first. The fact that I didn’t feel I had missed anything is a testament to the author’s skill to create self-contained storylines. Kit makes a brilliant party leader and how refreshing it is for a LitRPG’s main character to be a support character rather than a tank or DPS. This was a really fun story to follow, the epic quest for the seals alongside the characters own development and rising tension as time trapped in the game extends. From exploration to battle this book has a lot to offer, it is well paced, enjoyable, and unique. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book.

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