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Book review: Liana Gardner – The Journal of Angela Ashby (@lkgg )

Angela Ashby had been looking forward to attending the school carnival with her reviewmother, but since the divorce she is working more, and Angela hardly gets to see her, or her father who left and married Holly the homewrecker. Luckily Angela has a close friend, Mallory. The two of them enjoyed the carnival together, savouring the moment until their wandering put them in front of a rather unusual tent, one belonging to a fortune teller. She gives each of the girls a reading and a gift, and Angela’s gift has power beyond measure, anything she writes in it comes to pass. With a school struggling with a bulling problem, her parent’s divorce, and so many changes she wants, Angela decides to use the journal. But actions have consequences, and even the most innocent thing can have profound effects.

The Journal of Angela Ashby is a middle grade fiction by Liana Gardner and is perfectly written for the target audience. A combination of magic, childhood troubles, social messages, and the need to think before acting is prevalent, and a lesson well ingrained into the pages, There is some good tension building, injections of humour, and character development. Angela and Mallory make a great team, perfectly complimenting each other in a way close friends do. This is certainly a book I will read with my son when he is older, as I think it instils some important lessons and values, much like the old 80/90’s cartoons used to. While the book itself has a clear beginning and end, there are hints a sequel may follow, and it would certainly be something I would consider picking up. If you’re looking for a story of friendship, childhood problems, and a healthy sprinkle of magic in the every day life, then look no further.


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