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Book review: TK Rising – Pink House (@etkrising )

Daniel had two parts to him, there was the boy everyone saw, and then another part of reviewhim, a part he shoved away and disassociated himself with for so long. That part of him was a murderer, and it was with that part of him the thing that came tearing into his closet one night resonated with. Its name was Phearus, it had been damaged, its memories were unclear, and it was hunting the worst of man to feed to the thing hunting it through the tear. Just as Daniel resonated with it, it in turn became part if him, and in time Daniel sought to feed that lost part of him, drawing him closer to Phearus who has long been absent from the cupboard in the pink house. Just as Phearus is starting to think of Daniel as his son, he was torn from 1981 into the future of another dimension, and he will do whatever it takes to get back to him before history says he disappeared.

Fictional historical meets futuristic sci-fi all rolled into the timeline of a single being, that is precisely what you’ll get if you pick up TK Rising’s Pink House. Gods, turf wars, human meddling, primitive natures, and of course, the hunt. The book follows two main plotlines, the first of Daniel, a boy turned serial killer, and the second of Phearus Elconn, son of Godriel Elconn and heir to the greatest house on Alta. There are some tense situations, and times where you really don’t know who to root for. This character-driven plot will push you to the edge of your seat with some of the atmospheric and gripping scenes you’ll encounter. Horror, time travel, gods, and mortals all wrapped in a tightly woven story filled with its own unique complexities. It is the  third book of the Blue Star series but information about the multi-verses, territory control and events are explained at the front to allow to the reader to simply pick up the book and enjoy.


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