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Book review: Michael Lee Kirk- Digger Day (Jaden Crusoe Book1)

Diggers were spread across many of the worlds, it was a capital offence to kill one reviewoutside the sanctioned hunts. Hunts designed to give people hope of obtaining a vaccination to suppress the Chira Plague. The odds of success were one in one-hundred and thirty two. It was for this reason criminals were sent on the hunts and mostly, the Forest Planet had to order in hunters. That was until a tragedy gave the town the perfect excuse to be rid of a pair of troublemakers. This is the tale of one of those boys, Jaden Crusoe, a tale never heard in its entirety until such a time the truth had to be known. Jaden was well known and respected for joining the thirteen worlds, but his story tells a different tale, of a boy, courage, and circumstances.

A gripping, atmospheric, action-packed read is what you’ll get if you pick up Michael Lee Kirk’s Digger Day (Jaden Crusoe Book 1). From the onset the stakes are high, the impending doom of all against a foe who cannot be destroyed, but to understand how this comes to be, you must first learn the truth of what really happened, therein lies the first adventure. The book follows the story of a number of characters, with a bold font highlighting important names in a person’s story arc to make it clear whose tale you will be following. Well written with clear attention to details in not only the world building, but character development as well. A futuristic world with classes, cliques, technologies, traditions along with their own problems and strife, not to mention the overall setting and benefits and problems with the Collective. It is clear a lot of work went in to making this a tight, well-written and engrossing read, further enhanced by beautiful pictures with the chapter headers.



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