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Book review: J.M. Myrick- Arklight Force Interdiction (@Arklightbook )

To everything there must be a balance, to the forces of evil, there must rise a reviewcounterforce of good. The plans for an ultimate weapon have been uncovered, and there are those who drive for its completion, drive for a world of scientific supremacy and destroy all would dare obstruct, challenge, or stand against them. They are the dark, and Arklight is a force for God, defending the light. Rescuing the brilliant mathematician Professor Amaldi was just the beginning, coding and hidden messages in artwork bring more questions than answers, but one thing is certain, what they discover cannot be allowed to fall into enemy hands. The very future hangs in the balance, as past, present, and future unite to fight the most important battle of all time.

If you’re looking for a graphic and descriptive wartime / religious fiction, then J.M. Myrick’s Arklight Force Interdiction may be the book for you. The entire book focuses on an epic quest and battle of such impossible proportion that it spans time itself. Clear indications of time periods ensure the reader doesn’t become lost in the flow, as timelines converge, agendas align, and intervention exposes secrets to ensure what will be can come to pass. This is the kind of book that possesses a steady pace but there’s always something important happening. The characters are rich, the plot complex, and there are as many reasons to like it as there are threads and diversions. Well written to conjure brilliant and atmospheric imagery Arklight Force Interdiction is an enjoyable read. Whilst the second book in the Arklight series the previous book recap at the front expertly fills in any important need to know history to help the reader embrace the story if they’re joining part way through.


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