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Book review: Kaylin McFarren’s Twisted Threads (@4kaylin )

Akira Hamada has a debt. It is one she fears will never be paid, and one she dare not run reviewaway from. So when she is offered the chance at one final assassination to balance the books, and earn her freedom, she is both optimistic and suspicious. More so because, for this job, she will not be travelling alone. Her targets are suspects in murder, and her task is simple, if she can’t identify the killer, she is to erase the whole family. The job didn’t sit right with her. She wanted to be sure of their guilt, and to isolate the guilty she needed to get close to them. The easiest way in was Devon, the handsome young nephew, or at least she had thought it would be. Akira was used to being in control, but there is nothing more unpredictable than love.

Kaylin McFarren spins a complex tale at a suitable pace to keep the reader engrossed from beginning to end. Whilst on a cruise give access to a some great settings along with a wide cast of characters, the plot focuses mainly on those integral, and by doing so gives them great depth and personality, while filler characters are used to flush out events, but are written in a way that does not seem two dimensional. An extra string of suspicious deaths and missing people bring more to the already tense scene that causes Akira’s mission. Then enters the mysterious watcher, you’ll enjoy trying to figure out this person’s identity. If you’re looking for an engrossing read that has action, thrills, romance and intrigue then Twisted Threads may very well be the book for you.


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