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Book Review: Bounty by J.D. Cunegan (@JD_Cunegan )

Jill Anderson had already spent three years serving the people of Baltimore, it had reviewallowed her to build up a tolerance to crime scenes, but it took every ounce of her restraint not to react to this one. If her peers knew she had known the victim she would be off the case. But she knew her special insight would help to find the people responsible. The victim of the brutal murder was Trent Roberts. He was a recognised scientist, best known for his work in prosthetics and cybernetics.  There was, however, another thing, something spoken of only as hushed rumours, and that was Project Fusion. Jill had first-hand knowledge of this secret undertaking, in fact, unbeknown to anyone, Trent had made her into the woman she was, and his dabbling could very well be the reason he lay there now. She wanted nothing more than to solve this case, but to do so must risk exposing a secret she has fought endlessly to conceal.

With a great strong female lead bursting with personality you’ll find it easy to be swept up in a kick ass cybernetic mystery. J.D. Cunegan‘s Bounty is filled with suspense, action, and development. Police by day, vigilante superhero by night. A diverse plot with subplots carefully ingrained builds a brilliant setting and gives the world a fleshed out feel. A definite must read for Marvel/DC fans. It’s an enjoyable and engrossing read, with enough twists and intrigue for mystery fans, and enough sci-fi for lovers of the genre. A perfect combination in a dazzling read. 

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