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The Cosmic Cases of Chevy California by Aaron Ramsay (@AaronTheAuthor )

Chevy California wasn’t your run of the mill private eye, not by a long shot. She was also an Enforcer. A previewerson charged to deal with things that exist, but should not be here. Her Conductor, Detective Jean Timber, certainly has his hands full. People will always play around with forces they don’t understand, but worse are the ones who know exactly what they’re doing. Influence reaches far and wide, and when Detective Timber enlists Chevy’s aid on a simple task, neither of them imagine what they will uncover. If there’s one thing Chevy knows it is that something is always knocking, waiting for a chance to emerge in our world. It only takes one person to open their door, and someone is planning to do just that. Sit back, relax, and be drawn into the dark world of Aaron Ramsay’s The Cosmic Cases of Chevy California.

The Cosmic Cases of Chevy California, in places, reminds me of House of the Dead meets Residential Evil, Constantine and Lovecraft. There were parts of this, such as the grenade launcher which, having played a fair number of survival style games, made me chuckle. Aaron Ramsay really gives you a feel for the characters, and their impact on each other’s lives. Chevy makes for a great no-nonsense protagonist, but even she is brought to heel by Leona, her mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s. Dark and harrowing, Chevy’s cases are all uniquely different, but they have one thing in common: people are messing with forces best left alone, and what better setting can you have for a book focusing on cosmic horrors? The book itself takes place in 1975, and Aaron Ramsay brilliantly reflects the attitudes and reactions of people of that era. This is a brilliant read that lovers of the genre will definitely want to add to their collection.


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