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Book review: Guardian of the Dead by S.E. Davis

Ariana Dewitt was the product of a teenage pregnancy, born to a child of 14 who had reviewtried to take the life growing within her countless times after being told by her mother she could not abort the baby she had conceived. But it seemed Ariana had a guardian of sorts, and not just preventing her mother’s attempts, but later as a girl she was saved from death by an unfamiliar boy, she got to live on, and a path of fate was carved before her. After her mother was released from the hospital from the stabbing, which should have left Ariana dead, they were forced to stay with her grandmother and strange things started to happen. Ariana was torn from her reality, pulled into a world she had no understanding of. Her grandmother said she had been touched by the spirit of her great grandmother. She too had these visions. Ariana must come to learn what is needed of her, and the power she truly wields, if she hopes to save Betty from an eternity of torture at the hands of the one who had murdered her. But her interference will have consequences, discover what awaits in S.E. Davis’ Guardian of the Dead

Guardian of the Dead is a story of hardship and challenges, friendship and perseverance. We first meet Ariana as a young and confused child raised in a harsh environment, throughout the book we watch her grow and change until she finds the strength needed to not only protect Betty, but others too. A well rounded and suspenseful tale, you will be pulled through the pages and surprised by some of the twists this journey pulls you through. S.E. Davis’ weaves a believable tale in a smooth and easy manner.

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