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Book review: The Falcon Strikes by Gabrielle Mathieu (@GabrielleAuthor )

Drawn to Ireland in the hope of preventing a repeat of the horrific events in Switzerland, reviewPeppa finds herself on a desperate search for the arms dealer responsible for the devastating toxin. But just as Horus had a nemesis in Seth, so too is there a totem out there with a power and strength as dangerous as her own. While Peppa was hunting for answers, and the elusive Silvia De Pena, she too was being hunted. A surprise gift from a secret admirer warned her just how resourceful her new nemesis was, forcing her to take shelter with her ailing and estranged grandmother. Peppa finds herself amidst the IRA conflict, where even your choice of whiskey can have brutal consequences. Can she stop De Silva before she can peddle her devastating poison?

As we rejoin Peppa be prepared to notice an increasing development in the characters, not only Peppa and her bond with Cora, but we also come to learn more about Silvia De Pena. Having left her love, Peppa makes some difficult choices as she faces perhaps her most dangerous challenges yet. Gabrielle Mathieu writes in the first person narrative, with a talent I have rarely seen applied to this perspective. She has a skill for drawing the reader in, and the descriptive manner of her writing conjures a perfect atmosphere. Set in 1957, the author shows great attention to detail and avoids the common traps authors writing outside a modern timeline fall into. This is a really fantastic series, and although I have read the first book, The Falcon Flies Alone, this book, The Falcon Strikes, could be read as a stand alone, because almost everything you need to know from the previous book is carefully explained as part of the plot. If you’re looking for an insightful, imaginative, gripping read filled with mystery, threat, feuds, revelations, and even a spark of romance, then look no further than this mystifying tale.

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