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Book review: The History Major by Michael Phillip Cash (@iammichaelokon )

The History Major is a paranormal novella written by Michael Phillip Cash. Amanda reviewGreene awoke awash with confusion, she remembered drinking too much, but not what had happened, nor why she hurt so much. Things seemed to have changed overnight. Trees that were thick and luscious yesterday had succumb to Autumn in the space of a single evening, almost as if a mirror to her own heartache. She and her boyfriends Patrick had fought, and now he was out of her life forever and already she felt lost without him. But this was not all that had changed, her timetable was no longer the one she remembered, her classes had altered, she found herself scheduled for History, something she had wished to avoid, and it seemed no one was willing to correct the mistake. It is said people get trapped in history, and as the doors close and she is forced to her seat these words take on a while new meaning.

I thought Michael Phillip Cash’s way of integrating history with their story was brilliant. We meet Joan of Arc, portrayed in a fashion that is wonderful to read, though I’ll admit to not being much of a history reader, but I found this portrayal fit the style of an urban fantasy book perfectly and reflected exactly what they were attempting to achieve brilliantly.  Lucrezia Borgia and other characters all appear to lend a helping hand in ways you’d never imagine. I was completely enthralled by this story, wondering exactly what had happened, what the dark force stalking her was, and how she came to find herself in this strange situation. I enjoyed it so much I was actually disappointed when it finished, although it finished at the perfect point. This is certainly a griping read, with some unique ideas and philosophical applications. For a fascinating, intriguing read look nor further than The History Major.


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