Sallyann Phillips

In this interview I d like to introduce you to Sallyann Phillips.  Her new book, Angel s Blood, is about a female werewolf who s never run with a pack.  I started reading the preview on Amazon and got totally sucked in.  Sallyann is an avid animal lover and has a pet Husky/German Sheppard. via… Continue reading Sallyann Phillips


Disappearing Amazon Reviews


Not my precious, precious reviews!

I’ve lost three reviews since last week. One day I checked my Amazon page and saw that Infinite Sacrifice went from thirty-two reviews to thirty-one reviews.


This has never happened before and so, I go to where I always go for self-publishing news and advice: the Kindle Boards Forum.

And sure enough, there was already a post up about disappearing Amazon reviews. The person who posted claimed to have lost four reviews and other authors continued the thread reporting their losses and ideas why this would happen.

The theories:

1) Paid review
2) Reviews made from the same IP address as one with financial interest in the book
3) You gave a reviewer a gift card to purchase your ebook for review (considered as compensation). Even if the reviewer didn’t receive their ebook in this way from you, they might have received one from…

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been a while

Gosh has it really been that long since I have posted here? Well a belated happy Christmas and new year to all.  I have been really busy editing and reading of late.  I have found a book that has skyrocketed to the top of my favourite list so at some point in the future I… Continue reading been a while


The past

For some reason these last few weeks I have found myself thinking over my past a lot. More specifically after I met my husband, we spent a lot of time doing really nice things for people and expecting nothing in return. I was remembering when we made food and set up a surprise picnic in… Continue reading The past