The past

For some reason these last few weeks I have found myself thinking over my past a lot.

More specifically after I met my husband, we spent a lot of time doing really nice things for people and expecting nothing in return. I was remembering when we made food and set up a surprise picnic in the park for one of my husband’s friend’s girlfriend’s 21st birthday.  Her boyfriend at the time admitted her couldn’t be bothered to do anything, so we offered to do this, money was in very short supply at the time but we spent what little we had to get her flowers and make the picnic special and waiting until just before they arrived to ensure no one would ruin it before they got there.  The sad thing was, that the young man we did this for then went and criticised us to his other friends, telling them there was clearly something wrong with us because we would go out of our way to do nice things, and make things special for others.  At this point I like to note that we never took any credit for our deeds either, we never discussed them.  We once did a lot of things like this for people, yet as we became older it seemed the opinion when not in our presence was the same.  So eventually we stopped, it’s a shame because people often complain that people are thoughtless these days, yet when they go out of their way to do nice things, they are criticised.

We still try to do nice things for people, but generally we are more selective, I still buy the big issue seller a hot drink when he is out in the cold, and try to help those in need, I often find the people that have are less grateful of even a small gesture than those who have nothing, yet it is those that have that complain when people don’t do nice things for them.

They were my musings, since it had been a while I thought I would share them.  I have nothing to report on the book front, I am advised it will be 6-8 weeks before I hear anything about my full manuscript.  In the meantime I have received another rejection stating although my work had obvious strengths and merit they did not feel it was right for them.

There was something else from my past I wanted to write about, unfortunately for the moment it escapes me.  Hope you all have a great week.


1 thought on “The past”

  1. Do not give up the idea of helping others. When you help them, you help you, and yourself. It’s admirable. I grew up with nothing, and now I am doing okay, and I help people where I can, while realizing, I cannot help everyone. I have to be selective, and sometimes it does not get returned. Be well to you and your family in this New Year to be.

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